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Terms & Conditions


Infiniti Charters and its Operators are not common carriers and may refuse to carry any person or goods without providing reason. Our Operators are responsible only for the transport or services provided by the booking and has no liability for any other transport or services.

If the transport or service is purchased with a credit card, purchaser agrees to make payment in full when billed or in extended payments in accordance with the standard policy of the issuer of the credit card.

Infiniti Charters may, without notice, substitute means of transport or service suppliers. Industrial disputes, route restrictions, unsuitable weather, road works and unforeseen acts of nature may necessitate cancellation or delay of transport or services.

ALL Transportation Bookings are not finalized and scheduled until Infiniti Charters accepts the booking via email/SMS and payment in full is received by Infiniti Charters as per company’s terms and conditions.





1. Single and round-trip transfer; Cancellation within 24 hours may incur cancellation fees.                

2. As-Directed/hourly; Cancellation require no less than 24 hours prior to pick-up time, fail to do so would result in full charge on client’s account of order.


Amendments are made within 10 hours or administration fee may incur.


Clients are responsible for any charges levied by suppliers in respect of extra time in the event that your booking does not run to schedule. This includes any extra charges levied where you choose to extend the duration of your booking.



Infiniti Charters has no liability for any loss or damage occasioned by the negligence, act or omission of any supplier or other third party. In circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements.



Food & Beverage Consumption: Food & Beverages are not to be consumed on any vehicle without prior approval. In such circumstances, payment of a bond may be required to cover the risk of damage to the vehicle. Your responsibility for any damage is in accordance with these terms and conditions.


Smoking is not permitted by Western Australia law in any vehicle supplied by Infiniti Charters.


DAMAGE TO VEHICLE:                                            

Clients are responsible for any charge levied by a supplier in respect of any damage caused to a vehicle as a direct result of your booking. You will not be responsible for payment where damage was caused by the actions of any employee of the supplier. In all cases, the driver of any vehicle will have the discretion to stop the vehicle and disembark those passengers engaging in unacceptable or unruly behaviour.  

Inappropriate Behaviour: Clients/Passengers acting in an anti-social manner, causing unwarranted distraction to the driver or generally causing concerns regarding safety will be asked to leave the vehicle and seek alternative transport to their destination. No refund will be offered in these circumstances.                                                                            

A cleaning fee of $500 or accordingly will be billed to the passenger or company in an event the passenger or company damages the inside of the vehicle via soiling, vomiting, damage of interior in any shape or form or spillage of any liquids.


Estimated Charges & Total Charges:
All rates are from Perth Airport to Zones / Parking fees & GST are inclusive. Child restraints & trailer are available on request.

Late Surcharges:                                                                                                                               

From 10:30pm - 06:30am A$20.00 surcharge apply.

Public Holiday Surcharges:
An additional $20.00 surcharge applies to rates on the following Public Holidays: Good Friday, Easter Monday, New Year Eve’s Day, New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. In the event additional charges or extensions, the passenger is to immediately pay the additional charges to the chauffeur upon completion of the transfer or the charges will be applied to the credit card provided for applicable bookings.

Addition Service Charge:    Extra A$15.00 / Child Restraint (per capsule, seat & booster)

                                               Extra A$20.00 / Trailer

                                               Extra Stop A$20.00 (on route)


Luggage Information:                                           

SEDAN: Option One with 2 normal sized suitcases plus 2 pieces of hand luggage or Option Two with 1 normal sized suitcase plus 1 set of Golf clubs. No suitcases will be transported inside the passenger cabin of the vehicle due to safety regulations.      

MPV: Option One with 5 normal sized suitcases plus 5 pieces of hand luggage or Option Two with 6 sets of golf club.

Additional luggage transfer will incur a trailer cost to the client , price on application at the time of booking.


Customer Safety:    

Our Chauffeurs will at all times drive at safe and sensible speeds as in accordance with legal speed limits, traffic and current road conditions and furthermore the driver reserves the right to deny access to a venue that they feel may put the passengers and vehicle in an unsafe situation.

Seat Belt:                                                              

By Western Australia law, it is compulsory all drivers and passengers must wear seat belts if they are fitted in the vehicle. Seat belts are designed to be used by only one person at a time at all times when the vehicle is in motion. Doubling up, fastening a seat belt around two people is both illegal and unsafe.  


Child Restraints:                                                                                                                                

Child Car Restraints in Western Australia are required by the law. From birth to six months to be retrained in a rearward facing child restraint (infant capsule). From six months to the age of four years to be restrained in either a rearward or forward-facing child restraint with in-built harness. From four years up to the age of seven years to be restrained either a forward facing or booster seats restrained and fastened seat belt or safety harness. Fail to comply may risk being fined and incurring demerit points.


On Time: 

Please be assured that Infiniti Charters will take every reasonable safeguard to achieve an on-time service, however in the unlikely event of our drivers being late due to circumstances howsoever caused, no liability will be accepted by  Infiniti Charters.


The insurance is for public liability and not travel insurance. Although every effort will be made to ensure the safe keeping of personal property, we do not accept liability for loss of personal items. Please check that you have sufficient coverage for any personal property that you bring into our vehicles.                                                                                                                                                                      

Lost & Found:                                                                                                                                     

We shall try to deliver any items left in the vehicle back to the hirer or they may be collected from our office. We cannot be held responsible for any personal items left in the vehicle during or after hire.

Locating Your Driver:                                                                                                                       

Passengers will receive a greeting SMS with your driver’s name together with his/her mobile number when the diver arrives at the pick-up location. Your driver will be waiting for you after disembarking and holding your name sign.

Waiting Time:                                                                                                                                     

Real time monitoring flight-tracking and automated alert and reminder to ensure punctuality.    


Outbound Waiting:

  • 30 minutes complimentary waiting time from Perth Domestic Airport, starting from flight landing.

  • 60 minutes complimentary waiting time from Perth International Airport, starting from flight landing.

  • 15 minutes complimentary waiting time from Fremantle Passenger Terminal, Starting from confirmation schedule.

  • Additional waiting time is calculated in 15 minutes incremental blocks based on the type of vehicles.


Inbound Pick-Up:

10 minutes complimentary waiting time from the schedule, additional waiting time may incur.


We do not accept responsibility for injury, sickness or death of account holder, or passengers, except where such death, injury or sickness is proven without doubt to be caused by negligence of Infiniti Charters.

Force Majeure:                                                                                                                                   

We shall not be liable for any loss or delay caused as a result of the following: strike action, industrial disputes, riots, political unrest, hostilities, war or the threat of war, terrorism, fire, flood, and technical/weather problems with airlines or ferry operators, weather conditions or any other event beyond our control.


Prices are subject to change without any notification.

Complaints Policy:

Under the Australian Consumer Protection Laws governing body the maximum time is limited to 15 days after the event.

Infiniti Charters welcomes and encourages all feedback, including complaints, compliments and comments. We are committed to an accessible, fair and equitable complaints handling process where we work together with our clients to drive business decisions and improvements.

Our Principles:

  • Recognise client feedback as opportunities to build knowledge and to continually improve processes and services.

  • Promptly acknowledge and resolve complaints from clients who are dissatisfied with our service.

  • Provide complaint mechanisms which are accessible and flexible to meet the needs of all our clients.

  • Provide accessible, transparent and accountable processes.

  • Address each complaint in a sensitive, equitable, fair and unbiased manner.

  • Build a culture of customer service excellence, through leadership, knowledge, empowerment, skills and processes.

  • Proactively seek feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Amendments to Terms and Conditions:                            

Infiniti Charters reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice. Please check these conditions at the time of booking and before the transfer as no notification of change will be made.

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