Perth Street Art, Western Australia

Perth Street Art, Western Australia

Updated: Jul 7, 2019

Ranked as Australia’s second street art capital, Perth’s laneways and buildings have become works of art in recent times; no wall is safe. In 2016 alone, over 100 creatives joined forces with Form, an organisation dedicated to creativity, to transform public spaces from Perth to Claremont to Albany in the Great Southern Region. The Streets of Perth have created an entire blog around Perth’s street art movement, but with murals popping up at a speedy rate, its almost impossible to keep track. Besides, its fun to make your own artistic discoveries. Here’re a few of ours.

Admire your street art, compliments of local urban artist Daek William, while waiting for Portuguese tarts and a brew from Blacklist Coffee Roasters from this hole in the wall, aptly named Graffiti. Playful and nostalgic, Daek’s work adorns commercial and residential spaces all over the city, such as Standby Espresso (on the outside of Fresh Provisions) and Mexican tapas and bar El Publico.

Graffiti, 815 Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia

Another wonderful piece by Daek William, engaging his trademark of vibrant faces in unexpected places. This one is plastered on the side of Gemma’s Health & Beauty Spa and works as a lovely prelude into the yummy and fashionable delights along this stretch of Maylands’ Whatley Crescent precinct.

Gemma’s Health & Beauty Spa, 208 Whatley Cres, Maylands, Western Australia

Just a small section of furniture emporium East West Design’s 78-metre fresco. Painted by mural artist Graeme Miles Richards on the corrugated iron warehouse, the exterior took months of dedication and years of expertise.

Part of East West Design's 78m fresco in Fremantle, Western Australia

Wander down into Fremantle’s quiet West End on Leake Street for Lady Bananas’ distinctive women demurely peeking out to the world.

Meet Lady Bananas on Leake Street, Fremantle Western Australia

Artist Mel McVee makes an environmental, waste management and sustainability statement about Northbridge’s lively persona. Situated on Errichetti Place in Northbridge behind The Game Sports Bar, the home of many bottles, the City of Perth threw a painting party on 4 March, 2017.

Errichetti Place, Northbridge, Western Australia

Although you’re not really allowed inside the abandoned South Fremantle Power Station on McTaggart Cove in North Coogee, there’s easy access through the fence on the beach side, if you’re game. For an eerie adventure, visit at dusk or during the weekdays when you might have the place to yourself. A fine example of Brutalist architecture, the power station opened in 1951 and later closed down in 1985 in the wake of technological advances. The building is shrouded in myth and mystique, so beware of the rumoured ghosts and haunting drafts that blow through the derelict building.

South Fremantle Power Station, Fremantle, Western Australia

Also in Fremantle and at the base of Cantonment Hill, where the Fremantle Traffic bridge meets Canning Highway, is a large octopus on the facade of the WWII Naval Store, created by the English artist who goes by the name of Phlegm. Also of note is the art installation of the rainbow of shipping containers in the background crafted by Perth artist Marcus Canning.

Prior to painting this wonderful mural on the side of the Art Deco cinema Luna Leederville, on the corner of Oxford and Vincent streets, Australian artist Fintan Magee had been in trouble with the law on numerous occasions for decorating his hometown of Brisbane. Now, world-renowned and with the law on his side, the City of Vincent commissioned the project as part of Light Up Leederville Carnival in December 2014. Titled Leaving Home, perhaps an ode to his own journey?

Leederville, Western Australia

A whimsical backdrop to one of Perth’s inner-city bars, called the Cheeky Sparrow in Wolf Lane. This piece was created by local muralist and tattooist Harvey Jackson.

Cheeky Sparrow in Wolf Lane, Perth, Western Australia

Not technically on the street, this mural of Naples in Ruocco’s Pizzeria e Ristorante is an enticing reminder of where your wood-fired pizza originated.

Ruocco’s Pizzeria e Ristorante, 217 South Terrace, South Fremantle, Western Australia

The Grand Cinemas Cygnet is one of Perth’s few remaining Art Deco cinemas and resides on Preston Street in South Perth. Originally named the Como Cinema, it opened in 1938 and is reminiscent of the grandeur of its time. Its only fitting that a film great should adorn its walls.

Wild horses can’t drive Perth’s street art buffs away with Border Crossing by Audrey Fernandes-Satar

Another discovery on the walking tour is Wolf Lane, home to sensational street art by global artists invited to Perth by City Council. Highlights include Argentinian artist Pastel's works inspired by intricate, indigenous Australian art and the characters of Stormie Mills, a local artist. Wolf Lane itself is a pedestrian lane revitalized as part of a project to make the most of the city's urban spaces. It sits between two shopping streets and features cafes and bars, but it's the mix of huge murals and smaller artworks that catch the eye. One notable work comes from Peter Drew, an Australian artist whose poster-sized images of real Australians from over the years come with the word "Aussie" prominently stamped in capital letters. All the images stimulate discussion around the idea of national identity. Those immortalized include Monga Khan, a 19th-century turban-wearing Indian who brought camels to Australia.

Wolf Lane is one of Perth’s best kept secrets

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