‘You’re going to get an Oscar for this’: Cabbie’s bizarre medical ploy to get rid of passenger

‘You’re going to get an Oscar for this’: Cabbie’s bizarre medical ploy to get rid of passenger

A taxi driver who appeared to fake a heart attack to get out of a fare has been fired after his passenger filmed his performance.

The driver picked up his passenger at Sydney Airport and, according to the passenger's commentary on her video, was upset by the "short fare" to Annandale she requested.

After pulling over in Sydenham, the driver began to claim illness, clutching his chest and falling to his knees.

"I'm not driving ma'am, I'm not driving. My condition is not well," he says at one point.

The passenger, who provided the footage to A Current Affair, claimed the driver wanted to go off the meter.

"You're going to have a brilliant, brilliant Oscar award for this," she told him as she filmed his antics.

New South Wales Taxi Council deputy CEO Nick Abrahim said drivers were obligated to pick up a passenger regardless of destination.

But there is an exception to the rule.

"If a driver is finishing or terminating their shift and a passenger may not be going in the direction of where that driver may be heading towards ending their shift," Mr Abrahim said.

Ross Raslan from Sydney Taxis said if he was suddenly ill on the job, there are strict rules in place.

"I can call the radio room and ask them to dispatch an ambulance to me and make sure at the same time the passenger in the car with me gets looked after going forward," he said.

"I wouldn't just leave them on the side of the road."

13 CABS chief operating officer Stuart Overell confirmed to A Current Affair the driver's employment with the company had been terminated.

He said the driver’s logs had matched the passenger’s story.

“He should go and get a career in acting, because cab driving is not in his future,” Mr Overell said.

Courtesy of: A Current Affair

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