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Elena Young

University of Western Australia

(Travelled 24 & August 2019)

Our team are all on the plane, thank you for your arrangement!!!


Mr Tony Chisholm

Campus Perth

(Travelled 27 & 31 July 2019)

What a great service and beautiful car!

Thank you.

Mr Alex Chakrabarti

gcp Hospitality

(Travelled 27 July 2019)

Our COO was delighted with transportation and driver especially having endured a midnight flight INFINITI Charters provided a perfect welcome!

Mr Mark Benson

(Travelled 19 & 26 July 2019)

Professional driver, very helpful, informative and cheerful.

Mr Timothy David

(Travelled 15 & 23 July 2019)

Well organized, waiting and greeting client on time. Gave hands to carry baggage. Best journey plan to arrive destination. For sure to return to enjoy future transfer service again.

Mrs Leanne & Mr Ray Greenhalgh

(Travelled 15 & 19 July 2019)

By negotiating the traffic and delivering us to Fremantle within an hour of picking us up. We were very pleased with the service and would gladly give a five-star rating to both the company, their driver and the transportation vehicle.

Mr Marcus Steward

(Travelled 12 & 21 July 2019)

The best company we have ever used. Both the drivers and vehicles were exceptional. The entire group were delighted with everything Robert provided. The business-vans were superb, comfortable and the outstanding drivers who drew admiration from everyone for their ability to guide that machine into seemingly impossible gaps. With any luck we’ll be doing business with you again in the near future.

Mr Peter Marr

(Travelled 13 & 15 July 2019)

Prompt service, great communication, personable driver and good value. Will certainly use them again when I am in Perth.

Ms Donna 

(Travelled 08 & 15 July 2019)

We would not hesitate to recommend his outstanding service again if we ever return back to Australia for another visit. Thank you for getting us safely to our destinations for a wonderful Perth visit!

Mr Richard Lanyon

(Travelled 07 & 16 July 2019)

Very reliable, courteous driver. Arrived in time to get us to our destination. Faultless!

Mr Gavin Hill

(Travelled 05 & 11 July 2019)

Highly knowledgeable driver could double up as tour guides.

Mr Alexander Schapper

(Travelled 26 June & 02 July 2019)

Driver was excellent and knowledgeable. The Mercedes was comfortable and elegant. The ride was everything we hope to see in a short period of time. The pick-up at the airport was smooth and flawless. Highly recommend to anyone who expects high quality service.

Mr Ralph Pervan

(Travelled 21 & 27 June 2019)

It was amazing! Service was incredible! Received greater information from the driver as well!

Ms Murphy Gale

(Travelled 17 & 29 June 2019)

Professional drivers. immaculate service and beautiful car. The company certainly meet and exceed our expectations. Would use again. Thank you.

Ms Sabina Elraghy

(Travelled 13 & 25 June 2019)

We wear really impressed with fantastic service we received. Driver was pleasant and professional.

Ms Sami Kelly

(Travelled 13 & 22 June 2019)

So impressive! the driver was early, car was very clean and presentable and didn't cost much more. Will definitely use again.

Mr Todd Farrell

(Travelled 07 & 29 June 2019)

I could not fault the arrangements, or the organisational skills of Infiniti Charters. The driver was courteous, kind and helpful.Thoroughly professional! 

Mr Scott Bowman

(Travelled 07 & 11 June 2019)

Fantastic service very professional. 

Mr Glenis Terry

(Travelled 03 & 09 June 2019)

Prompt, courteous and excellent service. Professional, safe driver and lovely clean vehicle. We are beyond satisfied with our transportation experience! Thank you. 

Mr Ray Warburton

(Travelled 30 May & 07 June 2019)

The customer service was great throughout, helping us with changes and requests prior to our arrival.

Bedford School Principal


(Travelled 28 May & 01 June 2019)

The staffs are friendly, and the owner, Mr. Robert, is extremely friendly, thoughtful and kind The service they offered is tremendously great. What amazed me the most, is that, Mr. Robert brought me three bottles of vitamins and supplements when he knew that I was not feeling well. He has treated our passengers and I like VVIPs. 5 stars are not enough to describe the service we received. Highly recommended!!

Miss Stella Lee


(Travelled 28 May & 01 June 2019)

Mr Robert is indescribably thoughtful, the service is simply awesome. Highly recommended!


Mr Leslie Chave 

(Travelled 16 & 23 May 2019)

The vehicle was cool, very clean, well maintained, spacious Mercedes Van in which we could sit in very comfortable leather seats. Outstanding service!

Mr Niel Metcalf

(Travelled 09 & 13 May 2019)

We found their service brilliant. Luxurious Mercedes MPV, very courteous chauffeur and on time service.

Mr Christain Jarvis

(Travelled 04 & 15 May 2019)

Infiniti came recommended to us by our agency. We needed a transfer from the cruise terminal to Perth city and hotel to airport. Everything worked out amazingly well, driver was on time on both occasions and we were met exactly where we were told by the company. The service was outstanding with no hassle. The cruise company would have charged us the same in a shared bus as Infiniti did for a private! Totally well worth it!

Ms Karen Reynolds

(Travelled 04 & 15 May 2019)

The cars were clean, chargers were provided for our phones, and WiFi was available in the vehicle. There were bottled spring water and minties provided for us. If I ever return to Perth, I will definitely use this company’s service again.

Mr Jason Brown

(Travelled 04 & 11 May 2019)

The service is excellent. We use it for all our business transfers. Nice cars, competitive prices.

Mr Paul Atkinson

(Travelled 11 & 17 April 2019)

Impeccable presentation and service. Highly recommend. Superior service to standard hire car providers.

Mr Vince Norrish

(Travelled 07 & 21 April 2019)

Service was prompted and on time and came with a clean vehicle and an accommodating driver. All in all, excellent service

Mrs Deidra & Mr Malcolm Watson

(Travelled 04 & 09 April 2019)

Thank you so much for your help in our transfers particularly the assistance you gave us on Tuesday evening at the domestic airport. We arrived safely in Sydney and are now enjoying time with our family. 

Sawston, England.

Mr Michael Burke

(Travelled 09 & 13 March 2019)

Professional & courteous, service was top notch and the car was immaculate.

Ms Julia Acquado

(Travelled 02 & 09 March 2019)

Upon landing I received a text from my driver, introducing himself and notifying me of where I would find him. When I met him, he greeted me and carried my bags to the car. Excellent service, clean cars, no fuss.

Mr Ray Warburton

(Travelled 28 February & 03 March 2019)

We booked the day tour when we were picked up from the cruise and had a fabulous day. The driver was knowledgeable and very helpful. Great alternative to high priced cruise tours. We saw what we wanted to and were so much more comfortable than with a large group. The driver had many excellent suggestions for the time we had in Perth.

Ms Judith Clark

(Travelled 13 & 21 February 2019)

Our driver was waiting for us at the airport and the vehicle was very clean and roomy. The WIFI in the vehicle was a nice plus. thanks for a nice drive from the airport to the hotel. will definitely use again for a pickup in Perth

Mr Wayne Batten

(Travelled 11 & 19 February 2019)

Great vehicle, courteous driver, timely service. It was the best chauffeur service I have ever used while in Perth.

Mr Lynette Carter

(Travelled 07 & 15 February 2019)

The car was comfortable and clean.Our driver was punctual, professional, while very friendly and helpful. The ride was smooth and safe. really enjoyed the whole experience and would definitely recommend their service.

Ms Alice Johnson

(Travelled 03 & 12 February 2019)

Great customer service, very professional and polite chauffeur. Infiniti Charters made our travel arrangements a stress free.

Mr Stephen & Mrs Dawn Pywell​

(Travelling 25 January to 1 March 2019)

Our four transfers were punctual and very comfortable, with nice touches such as water and sweets to hand. We enjoyed relaxed conversations with our very personable drivers Robert & Bradley, learning a lot about Perth and Australia on each journey. Although many passengers were quite late departing our ship at the cruise terminal due to some industrial action by port employees, Robert managed the situation with aplomb, matching clients with appropriate vehicles quickly and efficiently, and we were on our way within minutes. Absolutely first class, highly recommended, thank you.

Mrs Sue & Mr Brian Marshall

(travelled in 25 January & 31 January 2019)

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent service Brian and I received on our transfers to and from Perth airport. Extremely helpful and friendly drivers, excellent communication will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Mr Marcus Lee

(travelled in 16 January & 20 January 2019)

I have used Infiniti Charters on several occasions, and, without exception, the service has been first class. They consistently managed to exceed all my expectations with the driver's professionalism, attitude, reliability, friendliness, local know-how. I would highly recommend their outstanding service!

Mr Elijah Oliver 

(travelled in 14 January & 17 January 2019)

Perfect start to receive a ‘Meet and Greet’ in Perth. Punctual, professional driver, immaculate inside-out the car, perfect presentation. Thoroughly recommend Infiniti Charters to anyone.

Ms J Lohan

(travelled in 13 January & 19 January 2019)

Impeccable as always! We received lots of feedbacks from our clients in UK for how good the service provided by Infiniti Charters. Our first family holiday trip to Perth and I needed to witness that experience myself since our travel agent company has been working with Infiniti Charters for quite sometimes now. Without informing the working relationship, surprisingly I was driven by the owner and received an upgrade, simply just because there were kids on my booking ticket, and it was a very late flight. Service was outstanding and very professional, will definitely recommend to all my clients when I get back to work.

Mr Liam Ennio

(travelled in 12 & 20 January 2019)

Our chauffeur was competent, cooperative and well presented. Definitely recommend This excellent service from Infiniti Charters to anyone.

Mr Colin Woods

(travelled in 12 & 19 January 2019)

Big thanks for taking us safely and treating us with kindness. Our driver for the early morning airport drop-off, he surprised us and arranged with the airport ground staff to have a wheel-chair ready when we arrived and made sure we were in the good hand. Truly extraordinary service. I highly recommend Infiniti Charters; they sure exceeded our expectations.

Mr Gordon Hollins

(travelled in 11 & 15 January 2019)

Our chauffeur was polite, personable, professional, and an excellent driver. He accurately estimated our arrival time and informed us as to what to expect at The Perth Airport. Highly knowledgeable driver could double up as tour guides.

Mr Arthur Gee

(travelled in 10 & 15 January 2019)

The service we received was wonderful. Our driver was friendly, helpful and made our arrival so much easier., with a few landmarks pointed out along the way. Same on the return journey. Can't fault the service and I would use again and recommend to others.

Mr David Potts

(travelled in 10 & 15 January 2019)

By negotiating the traffic and delivering us to Fremantle within half an hour of picking us up. We were very pleased with the service and would gladly give a five-star rating to both the company, their driver and the transportation vehicle.

Mr Robert Bentley

(travelled in 09 & 15 January 2019)

Great driver, very helpful, informative and cheerful.

Mr Ernest Wojcik

(travelled in 09 & 19 January 2019)

Very impressed with their communication and high standard of both vehicle and drivers. I will be definitely using their services again.

Mrs Jone Whites

(travelled in 09 & 14 January 2019)

The driver 'Meet & Greet' us in the terminal and helped us with our bags. The vehicle was in excellent condition (a nice Mercedes van) and the trip to our hotel. He had many excellent suggestions for the time we had in Perth Region plus provided us with few guide booklets for Perth & Fremantle together with a time table for free city bus.  On the return journey the driver arrived about 15 minutes early which was fine as you can never predict the traffic in rush hour! Again, a very comfortable, clean Audi this time and an excellent journey back to the airport. 

Mr Graham Hereward

(travelled in 07 January & 11 January 2019)

We really didn't want to deal with it our first day, especially after a long flight. I'm very glad we did and would not hesitate to do the same on a future trip. Highly recommended. Thank you to Infiniti Charters for giving us a great start to our trip!

Mrs Rose Westen

(travelled in 06 January & 11 January 2019)

As we exited off ship, we saw a very well dressed gentleman holding up a sign with our name; we were pleasantly surprised. Car was clean and air conditioned and a nice touch of spring water in chilled bottles together with plenty of minties waiting for us. The driver was knowledgeable and very helpful to the local information of the region which was very useful and save us a lot of time for our short stay before head-back home. Excellent service!

Mrs Janette Solly

(travelled in 06 January & 10 January 2019)

We had to reorganised the pickup to a different pickup point, on a different day and even monitored the flight progress for us. Add that the cars both transfers were clean, comfortable and bordering on luxurious, with friendly helpful drivers. Highly recommended.

Mrs Diane Shepherd

(travelled in 05 January & 09 January 2019)

 On arriving at the airport, our flight had landed early, but they were still there to meet us and take us to our hotel. On the pickup back to the airport, they picked up us 15 minutes early. Both the gentlemen we had each time were very helpful and if I was to return to Perth, I would definitely use them again!

Mr Ray Swarbrick

(travelled in 03 January & 11 January 2019)

Our chauffeur was very personable and professional., saying that the owner was diligent about providing excellent service. And they were awesome! We have no hesitation in recommending this company for future transfers to anyone.

Mr David J & Mrs Margaret Fraser 

(travelled 22 December 2018)

Just about recovered from our long journey home and we would like to say thank you for rearranging our transfer, being punctual and for making it a pleasant drive for us. Your vehicle was comfortable and you were good company on the way to the airport. Little touches like having a bottle of water and sweeties available say a lot about your attitude towards your customers.

When the opportunity arrives I will always recommend your company, good luck for the future and a happy and healthy 2019 to you and yours.

Mr John Sofield

(travelled 11 December 2018)

Just a quick email to say thanks for picking my family up yesterday. Great service and we will be sure to use you again.

Mr Luis Oliver 

(travelled in 06 & 11 December 2018)

The chauffeur was professional, courteous, and accommodating! Truthfully, why risk take Uber or get into unknown airport taxi after a long flight when you can be picked up by a professional right at the airport and driven to your destination!?! Excellent service!

Mr Hugo Burke 

(travelled in 06 & 09 December 2018)

Our chauffeur was on time and ushered us to the Jaguar that was immaculately detailed, then conveyed us to the hotel. We were very pleased with the service and would gladly recommend to anyone. 

Mr Felix Miller 

(travelled 06 December 2018)

We have travelled with this company many times and the quality of the car and the drivers are excellent we would thoroughly recommend Infiniti Charters.

Mrs Sandra  Giovanni

(travelled in 05 & 10 December 2018)

We were greeted by our driver at Perth Airport arrival hall in a very friendly and professional manner. Our driver insisted on pushing our luggage trolley to the car, a spacious Mercedes for us! A very comfortable journey ensued. For the return trip, a very comfortable, clean Audi this time and an excellent journey back to the airport.

Mr M Müller

(travelled 04 December 2018)

Service was professional, very punctual, friendly and professional. I would recommend and would use again.

Mr Paul Bauer

(travelled in 03 & 08 December 2018)

Professional, lovely, friendly, helpful driver to top it all off.

Mrs Louis & Mr Albert Schmid

(travelled in 02 & 09 December 2018)

Our transit flight from Singapore arrived early, The driver was waiting at the arrival hall with our name on his iPad. He was professional and attentive helping us with luggage to the car. The ride to our hotel was smooth and stress-free which is exactly what we need after a transatlantic flight.

Mrs Mia & Mr Roy Phillips

(travelled in 02 & 07 December 2018)

Services was friendly and professional. Driver was so kind, utilising his local knowledge of the area to show us and provided some interesting information, local activities and places to visit for our short stay. Excellent experience! 

Mr Leon Marcello 

(travelled in 14 & 29 November 2018)

Thank you to Infiniti Charters for giving us a great start to our trip!

Mrs Amanda Nowell

(travelled in 14 & 21 November 2018)

We have nothing but praise Infiniti Charters, there was a mixed up over my flight details from Melbourne to Perth, entirely my travel agent’s fault, but Infiniti Charters had picked it up the unusual info from our agent and rearranged without any hassle to pick us up from a completely different flight detail. Great service, we would use this company again anytime in Perth!

Mrs Gabriel Lee

(travelled in 13 & 27 November 2018)

Our driver was punctual, courteous, helpful, friendly and an excellent driver. My husband and I wouldn't hesitate to use the service on any future visits to Perth.

Mr Richie Hutchison

(travelled in 12 & 14 November 2018)

Extremely helpful with local information. Truly professional service. Many thanks.

Mrs Marita Ferro 

(travelled in 11 & 22 November 2018)

We were driven from airport to Fremantle and back by Mr. Robert Gray. It was a great, very gentle and give us a lot of information- great driver and very interesting talk. Thank you for your excellent service. Obrigado!

Ms Sandra Facius

(travelled in November 2018)

Service delivered as advertised to our relief as they were delivering our students studying abroad from Perth Airport to their accommodations.

Mrs B & N Moretti

(travelled in 09 & 16 November 2018)

We were greeted by our chauffeur at the Perth airport and driven to our hotel by a knowledgeable driver who regaled us with stories about the history of the area and what “WA” stands for (wait awhile) while we were driving through. Really enjoy the company!

Ms Nicholas Rosano

(travelled in 08 & 14 November 2018)

Our driver was prompt, attentive, helpful, and so informative. Everything ran smoothly, and we will definitely use Infiniti Charters on future trips.

Mrs Lena Glen 

(travelled in 07 & 15 November 2018)

The vehicle and driver were of the highest calibre and he was flexible in accommodating our requirements. I would highly recommend Infiniti Charters for reliable and top-notch professional service.

Mr Roger Montgomery

(travelled in November 2018)

Our company has been using Infiniti Charters on regular basis for some of our most valuable members and they can't speak highly enough about the services they get from Robert & his team. Drivers always arrive before time, always polite and professional. Vehicles are always clean and maintained to the highest standard.

Mr Lawrence Orrell

(travelled in November 2018)

Robert and his team always deliver the most professional corporate service. Drivers are friendly, immaculately presented, and consistently go the extra mile to make things happen!

Mrs Vicky Mozley

(travelled in 07 & 11 November 2018)

Absolutely fantastic, from being greeted at a very early pick up, to being collected post a delayed long-haul flight. Our driver was brilliant, helpful and easily the best I have ever used. The car was spotlessly clean and a pleasure to be driven in. Will be used Infiniti Charters again and recommend to everyone who needs chauffeuring

Mrs Rose Pittwood

(travelled in 03 & 11 November 2018)

My driver was early, notification to my mobile the CV of the driver on arrival both ways. The vehicle (S Class) was spotless, the drive was excellent, and we arrived early to our destination. The pickup was equally good despite the traffic.

Mr Erick Mcgregor

(travelled in 2 & 5 & 9 November 2018)

Robert and his team of drivers are by far the best chauffeur service professionals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Swift response times, incredible service provided by the drivers - always early, clean & beautiful vehicle, great knowledge of the best routes for the area (especially during rush hour), and extremely professional. I was happy to receive all necessary information with contact details and even driver's CV 24 hours prior and arrival to my mobile message. I would highly recommend Infiniti Charters to anyone looking for first class service. 

Mr Lan Newton

(travelled in 02 & 06 November 2018)

Our driver was courteous and smartly presented. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. I had to alter my pickup time and the chap on the phone made it a simple process. The service made the beginning of my weekend a pleasant one and I would recommend Infiniti Charters services. 

Mr Philip Barblett

(travelled in 27 & 29 October 2018)

We cannot rate this service enough. Stepped off my long-haul flight to have my well-dressed driver waiting with my name on his iPad. A moment later we were in the back of an impeccably kept Jaguar with bottles of spring water in hands. We regret not to have remembered the driver’s name. He was excellent, Eastern Europe I believe. I thoroughly enjoyed our little drive and he was very happy to share about interesting Perth local history and current affairs along the way. Highly recommended to everyone who's after knowledgeable and professional chauffeur rides.

Mr J Turner

(travelled in 25 October 2018)

We booked an 8 hours chauffeur service for executives attending various meetings around Perth. The entire experience was seamless, the driver was prompt, responsive, polite and helpful. It was a tricky itinerary with some very tight scheduling, but the driver managed to deal with this and the last-minute changes without any problem. I would certainly use the service again and would highly recommend Infiniti Charters. 

Mr Harrison Moore

(travelled in 24 & 29 October 2018)  

Professional, courteous, extremely punctual and reliable. Great communication! Will always use Infiniti Charters when we visit to Perth.

Ms Shanna Paul

(travelled in 23 & 29 October 2018)

Our inbound and outbound transfers were carried out to the highest standards. Driver was ready and waiting at arrival and departure with my name sign. The vehicles were of a good standard, my driver was extremely pleasant, and exemplary. Highly recommended to anyone requiring a professional transfer service.

Mr Damian Dedic

(travelled 22 October 2018)

Infiniti Charters are extremely professional. They are always on time and are very easily contactable, which is very important for me due to my work scope with lots of last-minute changes to travel. Infiniti Charters are always happy to accommodate any changes, and this makes my life much easier, I know that the top executives in my company are in safe hands with them. Vehicles are always extremely clean, with the luxury models. I would be happy to recommend Infiniti Charters to anyone.  

Mr Marilyn Green

(travelled in 21 & 27 October 2018)

Thank you for suggesting how to enjoy travelling around inner Perth and region around by creating an amazing itinerary that suited our budget and seeing the best of Perth. We had a great experience and your bespoke chauffeur was absolutely lovely! 

Mrs Christine Such

(travelled in 19th October & 2ed November 2018)

Excellent friendly service both on arrival and departure which made my travel easy and comfortable.

Mr Alberto Gouionnet

(travelled in 18 & 25 October 2018)

Robert and his team were absolutely fantastic, and the service was extremely professional. Vehicles were immaculate. The drivers were very well presented and polite. I will certainly be using Infiniti Charters again whenever we come down to Perth and recommendingthis company to colleagues.Ultimately the team made a tough day that bit easier.

Mr Jerome Day

(travelled in 18 & 21 October 2018)

The service has always been at very top level. All drivers are very professional, polite and discreet. The drivers are always arrived at least 10-15 min before scheduled pick-up time, so you never feel in a rush. The fleet was always immaculate. This company is highly recommended for VIP Transfer. 

 Mrs M & Mr R Page

(travelled in 18 & 22 October 2018 )

 Just a note to say thanks for your great efficient service, picking us up from Fremantle Port to Mercure Hotel Perth, and then taking us from Mercure Perth to Perth airport. Sorry I hassled you slightly but it was VERY COLD and windy at Fremantle Port 18th October, when we disembarked the Sun Princess, with no shelter (Really awful disembarking at that Port). Thanks again for the service and nice comfortable cars.

Mr Roger & Mrs Elaine Gray

(travelled in 18th & 21st October 2018)

We had a punctual pick up at the Fremantle Cruise Terminal, the limousine was pristine and our driver was impeccably dressed and very courteous and informative about the local. He was very polite on our arrival at the hotel and most helpful. Robert Gray was our driver on our return to Perth Airport and had the same excellent service and would definitely recommend this company to anyone visiting Perth.

Mr Eric Davidson

(travelled in 18 & 20 October 2018)

We were picked up at the cruise terminal at Fremantle after arriving on the Sun Princess by Puneet and taken to our city centre hotel. He was excellent polite, well dressed, knowledgeable and early. The only reason that we had to wait was because we were off the ship 30 minutes early. The car was a large modern, very comfortable and perfectly presented. On our return from the hotel to the airport we were driven by Robert. He was equally good and this time we were in a beautiful, comfortable and impeccably presented Mercedes MPV. If you want a reliable, efficient transfer around Perth I doubt that you could do better than use Infiniti Charters.

Mrs Pauline Westwood

(travelled in 17 & 30 October 2018)

Robert, Just to say thank you for taking us to and from the airport in Perth, you made it so easy for us and it was a pleasure meeting you. We are hoping to come again in two years so I will be telling my travel agent to use u again. Thanks again Kind regards

Mrs & Mr Les Allen

(travelled in 12 & 17 October 2018)

The service you provide is excellent. Communication is spot on and done on a regular basis. We were even notified of the pick up at perth airport prior to leaving the UK. Pick ups were on time both ways and Robert our driver was very informative. Will definitely give positive feedback to Travel Counsellors on return to the UK.

Mrs L & Mr S Simmonds 

(travelled in 23 & 29 September 2018)

We are from the UK. We travel extensively domestically, and the arrangement of transportation is a simple process. Traveling overseas always has the element of the unknown and unexpected. Infiniti Charters eliminated that issue. There was excellent communication. The drivers were punctual, courteous, and professional. We will definitely use them when we are in Perth again. 

Mrs Annette Sandali

(travelled in 14 & 21 September 2018)

We want to thank you so much for the great service we got from Infiniti Charters. Robert is truly one of the most interesting people we have ever met, and he shared so much knowledge with us. Excellent service!

Mr Thomas Bowden

(travelled in September 2018)

So far Infiniti Charters have provided exquisite service for all our VIP clients! Robert & team are extremely attentive and professional in details they do. We highly recommend all to use their service

Mr Evan Wrightson

(travelled in 12 & 16 September 2018)

Driver was punctual, discreet, professional and above all will go above and beyond to help meet our requirements and had proved to be a valuable service that thus far has been flawless. 

Mr Albert Ross

(travelled in 8 & 22 September 2018)

First time to Perth, we were picked up in huge beautiful Mercedes MPV from the airport to our hotel, stopped briefly from time to time to allow us to enjoy some attraction that this magnificent Perth City offers before dropping us to the hotel. Professional, immaculately turned out, and superb service.

Mr Camelo Byene 

(travelled in 7 & 15 September 2018)

Service was excellent. Our driver (Victor) arrived at our hotel early. Very professional. Confirmation 24 hours before traveling and driver details notification on pickup spot to my mobile phone.  

Mr Vince Newlands

(travelled in 5 September 2018)

I would highly recommend Infiniti Charters to anyone who wants a professional, reliable (and friendly) chauffeur service. I will definitely use them on our regular trips between airport – home, as they have been the best so far and the whole experience was seamless.

Mr Simon Cooper

(travelled in 2 & 9 September 2018)

Infiniti Charters transport me to and from Perth International Airport for a recent business trip. The service provided by the friendly professional chauffeur was fantastic. I will definitely use this company again for my business trips and personal travel needs and I would happily recommend anyone to use their service.

Mr Colin Bontempo

(travelled in 2 & 14 September 2018)

I can’t say enough good things about Infiniti Charters as everything was efficient, on time, and accommodating and we were wonderfully taken care of.

Mr Patrick Booth

(travelled in 30 August & 1 September 2018)

We were in Perth for business conference. Notification on my mobile before left London Heathrow, and one more on arrival informed me about name and phone number of the chauffeur. Chauffeur was at terminal with my name sign. The MPV was a formidable Mercedes Benz as good as advertised. Highly recommend Infiniti Charters and will be using their service next year. 

Mr Darcy Gluck

(travelled in 29 August 2018)

What a fantastic company! After spoken with Robert regarding an event I had; which needed 3 luxury European sedans, he handled things in a very professional manner. I hope this will be the start of a great business relationship. Thank you for all your help. 

Mr Reccado Paulo

(travelled in 28 August – 01 September 2018)

 Thank you very much for everything. The Africa Down Under conference was a fruitful event. I hope to work with you on the next opportunity.

Mr Yannick Francescoluigi Morinrivest 

(travelled in 27 August - 1 September 2018)

We used Infiniti Charters for 5 days while we were in the Perth for Africa Down Under Conference. We found Robert & his team to be very polite and professional. They were always punctual and respectful. Booking was fast and very proficient; the admin understood our complicated itinerary and quick responded with a fair quote and information about the local temperature and what types clothes to bring to suit the weather to Perth. The drivers were dressed well & professional, vehicles were immaculate and comfortable. Robert was so helpful with local information, currency exchange, and our native cuisine in town. He had transformed our stressful meetings into so entertaining and enjoyable. We are looking forward to working with Infiniti Charters again in near future.

Ms Debrah Naber   

(travelled in 25 & 27 August 2018)

Best decision I made this trip, difficult day for me made easy by Infiniti Charters.

Mrs June Hooper

(travelled in August 2018)

Robert was happy to accommodate our atypical request, he also customised it and are flexible to take on any request we may have, and sometimes at short notice. The drivers are polite, helpful, discrete and professional, and all vehicles are impeccably kept. Very grateful for being part of a powerful network of professionals.

Mrs M & Mr P Pritchard

(travelled in August 2018)

We have used Infiniti Charters on numerous occasions since we were offered the service for Etihad business class last year. They have always done their job perfectly! Luxury and clean vehicles, polite and knowledgeable chauffeurs, and also top customer service!

Ms Sandi Baca

(travelled in 24 & 27 August 2018)

Service provided during my recent trip to Perth

Robert was absolutely punctual, smartly dressed and very warm and friendly. The cars were spotlessly clean and extremely comfortable. Robert pointed out all points of interest, took the best routes and was extremely interesting to chat with. This is a fantastic company, I can highly recommend it. Thank you Robert!

Mr Desmond Heine

(travelled in 23 & 27 August 2018)

The drivers were the perfect combination of professional and warm and friendly. and the service was perfect. 

Mr Brendon Kirikova

(travelled in August 2018)

Infiniti Charters always meet our demands and exceed our VIP member's expectations. Top service always!

Mr Donald Westwood

(travelled in 23 & 16 August 2018)

Terrific and flawless service. We booked this service as we had a celebrity guest who needed to adhere to a very tight schedule. The VIP was picked up on time and transported to his hotel and then was picked up promptly on his return. The service was easy to deal with, very professional and our client was delighted. Would absolutely recommend Infiniti Charters.

Mr Colin Clarkson

(travelled in 22 & 29 August 2018)

Simply outstanding service. Our driver could not have been politer and completely professional. The Jaguar XJL was magnificent beautiful and the service second to none. If ever we have the opportunity to use Infiniti Charters again, we will certainly do so. Highly recommend this company. 

Mr Derek Meredith

(travelled in 20 August & 1 September 2018)

Trip to Perth

We were picked up by Robert after a late night arrival from Singapore , he was polite , charming and helpful. He picked us up again to take us back to the airport 2 weeks later. He remembered we had come for our son's wedding and asked how it had gone. Both trips were in immaculate cars, both they and Robert are asset to your company.

Mrs Lynne Lethan

(travelled in 19 & 27 August 2018)

We were greeted at the Perth Airport and promptly assisted to the awaiting luxurious Mercedes. The drive to Fremantle was most enjoyable, particularly with our driver being most helpful with local knowledge and tips to help make the most of our time in the area.

Mrs Bernadette & Mr Ross McManus

(travelled in 17 & 23 August 2018)

Infiniti assured us they would be monitoring our flight. Upon our arrival, the driver was indeed waiting, and we were soon on our way in comfort. Our driver was courteous and pleasant. Wonderful service!

Ms Anne Pegg

(travel in 15 & 21 August 2018)

Driver was on time and provided a great service! Great transportation company!  I would definitely use again in the future.

Mr Lee Cahill

(travelled in 15 & 18 August 2018)

Great service with professional and helpful. the folk care for you and will give you great hints on what to do in the area.

Mr Mark Farquharson

(travelled in 8 & 17 August 2018)

Vehicle was a pleasure to travel in and the driver was all very professional and personable.

Mrs Claire Fowler

(travelled in 8 August 2018)

I am delighted to recommend Infiniti Charters Services. From ensuring VIP clients are transported around town with a complicated schedule, to getting me to a flight on time, I cannot recommend Robert and His team enough. They will always find a way to help, at the right price, and you can be sure that they will always be where you need them to be, on time and in a luxurious vehicle. I feel absolute confidence in his team and use them whenever possible. My life is just easier if I know they are on the case.

Ms J Nilsson

(travelled in 7 & 11 August 2018)

Professional, friendly, punctual, outstanding!

Mr Brian Hookway

(travel in 7 & 14 August 2018)

The quality of service was impeccable, the driver got my name on his iPad and welcomed me with a warm smile and was extremely polite. Our conversation which made the drive more relaxing and pleasant after my long-stressed flight.

Mr Thomas McFadyen

(travelled in 5 & 11 August 2018)

Driver was helpful & friendly, had bottled nice cold spring water in the car for us, helped with luggage and the car was immaculate. Our name sign on an iPad was so easy to find. Completely stress free and excellent value service. Best chauffeur service we have ever used!

Mrs Laura & Mr Scott Kearns

(travelled 02 & 09 August 2018)

My agent booked our airport pickup first time to Perth and I am very impressed!!! The service is second to none and faultless. The attention to detail and forward planning meant I could be assured the transportation side was all covered. Would use only this company if we go back to visit Perth and would recommend to anyone!!! 

Ms Beryl Leek

(travelled 02 & 11 August 2018)

Never let me down, highly recommended especially in and around Perth, knowledgeable and Attentive. Both drivers were a credit to the company.

Mr Murray Heinz

(travelled in 21 & 29 July 2018)

Services was friendly and professional. Driver was immaculately attired and was a very smooth driver and the car of course is very nice and comfortable, as you would expect from a luxury chauffeuring service.

Ms Carmen Grizia

(travelled in 15 & 28 July 2018)

Excellent service Infiniti Charters! They helpfully provided, free of charge a child seat for our baby. Despite our flight being delayed by more than 12 hours, the driver still managed to meet us at the exist hall upon our arrival. Our chauffeur, Robert was very professional, polite & helpful. The company was so thoughtful upgraded from an executive sedan to MERCEDES MPV for our extra comfort due to our long haul delayed stressed and our baby. The complimentary bottles of spring water were greatly appreciated on a hot bank holiday. We were incredibly impressed with their hospitality service and professionalism.

Mr Jeffery Howie

(travelled in 13 & 18 July 2018)

We were picked up on both legs of our trips in luxurious Jaguar XJL. Chauffeur was efficient, very courteous, professional and very accommodating. Recommend this company any time.

Mrs Michelle Williams

(travelled in 12 & 21 July 2018)

Efficient and professional. Great trip into our hotel whilst driver pointing out some of the attraction sites of the town and how to take advantage of the free public transport to travel in the inner city. Excellent Service.

Mr Duncan Koch

(travelled in 11 & 15 July 2018)

On time, clean, polite, comfortable! 


Mr Bruce Bannan

(travelled in 10 July 2018)

Excellent customer service. I have worked with Robert for almost half a year now. He & his team have always been able to deliver high quality service and help me solve problems that required sharp time management skills.

Mr Ernest Scaffidi

(travelled in 6 & 14 July 2018)

Very well organised with both excellent vehicles and chauffeurs who are well trained. I would highly recommend them.

Mr Terry Hunt

(travelled in 13 & 16 June 2018)

Reliable service, excellent! Chauffeur Victor was helpful and professional. 

Ms Lindsay Brown 

(travelled in 10 & 17 June 2018)

Confirmation & notification message to my mobile to remind our flight detail prior to the day and full driver details including mobile number are provided on arrival to my mobile message for peace of mind. When using Infiniti Charters, it is one part of the day I know I don't need to worry about, totally reliable and competent. Highly recommended for a top-class service. 

Mrs Gena Schapper

(travelled in 06 & 14 June 2018)

A well organized and professional team giving great value for money! We strongly recommend Infiniti Charters for your transfers.

Mrs Bev & Mr John Byrne 

(travelled in 20 & 28 May 2018)

Clean cars, always early, polite and helpful drivers, great text service telling you who’s coming to pick up.  

Mr Curtis Roberts

(travelled in 17 & 23 May 2018)

Absolute superb customer service from start to finish. Waiting at airport when we landed and transported us swiftly to our hotel. Picked up on time for our return journey. Very friendly and helpful driver.

Mrs Jennifer & Mr Donald Lampshire 

(travelled in 13 & 18 May 2018)

Excellent service. From booking to being met at the airport the whole thing was very well handled. The chauffeur was smartly turned out and very helpful. Vehicle was well Kept to highest standard! 

Ms Julie Mailer 

(travelled in 11 & 23 May 2018)

The driver was very professional and attentive. I will Definitely recommend them to my friends and family when they are travelling to Perth and will be using them again many thanks

Ms Kim Hagan

(travelled in 07 & 13 May 2018)

I was brought in a luxury Jaguar XJL for my service, with probably one of their best drivers, Robert, sharp in time, comfortable and safe driving and knowledgeable of the local. I would not think twice in hiring their services again and will do certainty once returning to Perth.

Mrs Joyce Melia

(travelled in 05 & 18 May 2018)

Chauffeur was waiting for us when we arrived at Perth airport. Vehicle was very clean and really comfortable. driver introduced himself and put our luggage in car boot. Return was just the same first class from start to finish. Very accommodating!! 

Mr Mark Henson

(travelled in 5th & 12 May 2018)

Very reliable, professional private ground transfer from & to Perth Airport - hotel at a competitive rate. Pleasingly, the driver was very well present, professional, super helpful. Vehicle was in immaculate condition and so comfortable.

Mr Craig Young

(travelled in 02 & 08 May 2018)

A thoroughly professional company in every respect. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again. Superb service!

Mr Alan Mehan

(travelled in 01 & 09 May 2018)

Good communication, luxury vehicle & prompt service. Wouldn't hesitate to use their services again or to recommend.

Ms Pamela Orrell

(travelled in 23 & 29 April 2018)

Jaguar XJ; I could not believe what I saw right in front of me! I booked an executive sedan and they upgrade me a premium sedan James Bond Jaguar!! A very smart dressed and very well present gentleman was my driver!! I was so spoiled!! Top notch service!!

Mrs Ethel Mitchell

(travelled in 21 April 2018) 

We had an 3 AM early morning flight home. Infiniti Charters was very punctual, helped with our luggage and we had a safe and stress-free arrival to airport. They are very professional and courteous. Highly recommend this service.

Mr Stuart Haworth

(travel in 11 & 21 April 2018)

Very professional and helpful, all questions were answered promptly, the service itself was great and everything worked out perfectly. Will definitely use again.

Ms Kim Tinetti

(travel in 7 April 2018)

Superior quality vehicle and service. Definitely use again. Made my special

Mrs Ann & Mr Terence Ward

(travelled in 17 & 28 March 2018)

Our transportation was seamless and stress-free. The driver was friendly and very patient, didn't mind taking photos for us. Utilising his local knowledge of the area shown us around before dropping us to the hotel which was really appreciated.

Mr Gery Brook

(travelled in 17 & 25 March 2018)

The driver was very punctual, friendly, professional, car details and so forth. It was all very pleasant, and we arrived at our destination in perfect timing.

Mrs Belinda & Mr Allan Bullock

(travelled in 15 & 21 March 2018)

Absolutely fantastic service! Would definitely use again in the future.

Mr Anthony Quinn

(travel in 11 & 18 March 2018)

The driver was apparently very friendly, courteous and attentive. The confirmation & notification text to my mobile. Well done, and thanks again!!

Ms Caroline Moore

(travelled in 11 & 18 March 2018)

I was in a luxury Audi and it was absolutely comfortable. The driver was more than punctual, very polite & friendly did help with the luggage and he did know exactly which street he needs to use at that rush-hour, he had also a good knowledge about the local. 

Ms Jacqueline Gallagher

(travelled in 10 March 2018)

Exceptional service! Booked for a Swan Valley day trip with friends. Very comfortable in Mercedes Viano. Driver was exceptionally knowledgeable and provided outstanding service. Definitely use their service again next time.  

Mr Chas Bucciglioni

(travelled in March 2018)

Perfect as always! I have used the service before when visiting Perth and will continue to do so. PLUS I have recommended the service to business colleagues.

Mr William Storey

(travelled in 5 & 10 March 2018)

Absolutely fantastic. Kept me updated of any changes, notify me to my mobile message. The driver 'Robert’ was brilliant and knowledgeable. Couldn't off asked for a better service. Would most certainly use again. Very impressed.

Ms Shanna Grandal

(travelled in 3 March 2018)

Infiniti Charters absolutely made my birthday celebrations. The driver picked us up in Mercedes MPV was extremely professional and attentive. We will definitely be using this company again, many thanks.

Mrs Sue Canham

(travelled in 21 & 27 February 2018)

Had a great experience! They were so nice and easy to work with and the driver was so nice. Will definitely use them again the next time I am in Perth.

Mr Ray Thomson

(travelled in 16 & 21 February 2018)

Very pleased by our transport with Infiniti Charters. As soon as we exited the terminal, our driver was waiting with my name sign easily discernible at the pickup point! Professional, attentive, Helpful, excellent service!

Mr Bernardus Metcalf

(travelled in 13 & 18 February 2018)

Robert was awesome! Always on time and very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend using Infiniti Charters for your driving needs. 

Mr Pavle Zissis

(travelled in 5 & 11 February 2018)

I experienced a great service from Infiniti Charters recently to Perth. The chauffeur was really polite with great navigation skills during rush hour, all my meetings went as planned and on time.

Mr Todd Fletcher

(travelled in 2 & 19 February 2018)

The driver was prompt & extremely professional. I was impressed with the quality of service, the beautiful vehicle and the attention to detail.

Mr John & Mrs Trish Allsop

(travelled in February 2018) 

Many Thanks! If you ever come to UK, you would be welcome in Cornwall.

Mrs E & Mr J Roddy

(travelled in February 2018)

We missed our Etihad connecting flight in Dubai due to the aircraft arriving late so were put in Emirate flight but was refused to book a chauffeur car service as we flew business class. Spoken to Robert who contracted for Etihad first-class & business class ground transfer to help sort thing out for us with Emirate. We arrived 16 hours after our original scheduled time; upset and were going straight to taxi stand; Robert was there at the exist hall waiting for us even though his service was discharged automatically!!! He warmly welcome and drove us home. Very grateful and it was the best thing we received from Etihad ground transfer services.  

Mrs S & Mr P Carter

(travelled in 10 January & 5th February 2018)

My family has been always with Etihad Airline, this is the first time Etihad sent a Jaguar XJL with a very professional & knowledgeable chauffeur to pick up my husband & me!! Basically, felt like got into first class vehicle after just got out from first class plane. Very impressive!! Wished Etihad had done this long ago.

Mr Chas Bucciglioni

(travelled in January 2018)

Other, Vehicle, Route Taken, Travel Time, Timeliness, Driver!

Mrs Angela Oconnor

(travelled in 10 January & 5th February 2018)

Remarkable service which I am truly impressed.

Mr Peter Hall

(Travelled in 12 January & 18 January 2018)

We booked the transfers from the UK. The driver was very smartly dressed and very courteous. The vehicle was immaculately presented. Good price and great service. Will definitely use again.

Mrs Beth Boswell

(travelled in 21 January 2017)

I had a very professional, and helpful driver. Vehicle was beautiful, clean and very comfortable with nice cold bottled of spring water. Excellent service! Highly recommend for all kind of occasions.

Mr David Jones

(Travelled in 26 & 27 January 2018)

Simply the best way to travel!

Ms Joanna & Jeff Robinson

(travelled in 14 & 21 January 2018)

Driver was prompt and extremely friendly and professional. I would NOT hesitate to recommend Infiniti Charters and will use them in the future.

Janette & Harry Szafranek 

(travelled in January 2018)

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and look forward to doing so again.

Mr Elliott Douglas

(travelled in 13 January & 05 March 2018)

Very professional and helpful driver! He suggested us local info how to take free transport around the region and where we should visit! We were happy with the service.

Ms Louis Fewster 

(travelled in 10 January & 5th February 2018)

Robert & team never fail to impress on calibre of the vehicle, chauffeur, service and knowledge of the required route, and alternative routes in the event of traffic. 

Mr H Marson

(Travelled in 09 January & 16 March 2018)

Yes indeed, We travel extensively and was introduced by Etihad to this service provider. 

Mrs Sandra Libardi 

(Travelled in 8 January 2018)

Great service and super car! Our chauffeur was on time and was waiting for me with my name on his iPad. He helped me with luggage. The car was a luxury Audi and there was a super service with water bottles, minties and battery for my iPhone. Really pleasant trip to Down Under. I definitely recommend Infiniti Charters! 

Mr Anthony Slatcher

(travelled in 30th December 2017 & 19th January 2018)

Excellent 1st Class Service as usual. 

Mrs J & Mr R Biggs

(travelled in 23 December 2017 & 5 February 2018)  

Absolutely first-class service from start to finish... Would like to say a big thank-you to Robert. We had to cut things short because of the weather and needed to be picked up earlier than schedule, A phone call to Robert and this was arranged instantly even though it was holiday season, he has not a problem made it happened. Anyone who needs a chauffeur for their trip look no further as I highly recommend this firm... Thank you Infiniti, next time we are in Perth we will definitely be hiring your services again.

Mr Graham Eldridge

(travelled in 7 & 11 December 2017)

Would be the first choice for me when needing transfers travel again. Courteous drivers, beautiful cars, and prompt. Made our travel time a pleasure. 

Mr Barry Glennon

(travelled in 11 & 29 November 2017)

Excellent service, efficient, courteous and extremely helpful. Prices are very competitive.

Wayne Dyer 

(travelled in November 2017)

Excellent service yet again. Can't fault anything.

Wayne Dyer 

(travelled in November 2017) 

Waiting for us on arrival, straight to our hotel. Nice vehicle. Very pleasant and some very useful information from a knowledgable and very pleasant driver. Excellent service.

Mrs Vera Elliott

(travelled in 10 & 16 October 2017)

S Class transfer from airport to hotel & hotel to airport, plane on time but custom took ages. Driver communicate well while waiting for clearance. Ready and welcoming, professional and well present. Best service ever!!


Mrs Lynnette McCartney 

(travelled in 9 & 13 September 2017)

Driver arrived promptly in immaculate vehicle and was friendly and smartly dressed. We had a lot of bags and drivers helped load and unload without being asked. Great service. Highly recommended. 

Mr John Marshall

(travelled in 23 & 29 August 2017)

Excellent service all round, always willing to help and accommodate your needs! 

Ms Miller Peace

(travelled in 12 & 17 August 2017)

Extremely professional and diligent with a pleasure and enjoyable ride. Our driver was very friendly and knowledgeable about places I wanted to visit on my trip. I am a world traveller and highly recommend Infiniti Charters.

Mr Carmelo Grant

(travelled in 2 & 9 August 2017)

Best chauffeur service in Perth. Professional Drivers, Always on time and very courteous and helpful. Highly Recommended.

Mr Wayne Cotton

(travelled in 23 & 29 July 2017)

A beautiful vehicle and a very courteous driver, I will definitely be using Infiniti Charters for all my future travel needs.

Ms Paoling Devos

(travelled in 18 & 22 July 2017)

I really appreciate your great service. I recommend you for all my friends and colleges. We will use your services from now on. 

Mr Steere Rainnie

(travelled in 12 & 23 July 2017)

Great service. We were met at the arrival hall and taken to the car with chilled Aussie spring water waiting!The driver was friendly and even helped to take our picture.

Mr Kevin Sage

(travelled in 08 July & 13 July 2017)

Brilliant Service! My Chauffeur was courteous n extremely gracious. I would highly recommend Infiniti Charters any day! They shall henceforth be my choice of chauffeured transport when in Perth! 

Mrs Helen Fuguson

(travelled in 08 & 11 June 2017)

We used Infiniti Charters for our trip from the Fremantle Cruise Port to our hotel and hotel to Perth Airport. The service was excellent. Our driver (Victor) was very attentive and helpful. Excellent service! Will tell our agent to only book with this company when we come down to Perth again.

Ms Alice Mcarthur 

(travelled in 04 & 13 March 2017)

Extremely professional. Vehicle was immaculate. Booking efficient and notification to my mobile the day before travelling and on arrival with all necessary details. Will definitely use again.

David King 

(travelled in February 2017)

Driver was on time and very courteous. Car clean and comfortable. Would recommend to any traveller.


Ian Pinney 

(travelled in February 2017)

As good as you could have. Top knot have.

Maria Koci 

(travelled in January 2017)

Excellent service. A big thankyou to our driver who had to reschedule due to us missing our flight. Exceptional service, very helpful & friendly. Great start to our holiday.

Barbara Trist 

(travelled in January 2017)

We once again received wonderful service from Robert on our return trip to the Airport. We had to change our pick up location slightly which was not a problem, and we asked for a 2pm pick up (this allowed us plenty of time). Robert advised that he may not get to us until 2.15pm, which was just fine, but he actually managed to arrive at 2.05pm. We were very impressed with the service provided and the comfort of the car as well.

Russell McQueen

(travelled in January 2017) 

Our driver was on time and courteous. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. Our driver went out of his way to make sure we knew where we needed to go and also took time to show us the sites in Fremantle. I will probably use this service again if ever in Australia again.

Kerry White 

(travelled in January 2017) 

Our driver was early. A pleasure to chat to. Would recommend INFINITI to anyone.


(travelled in January 2017) 

Great experience. Very courteous and professional driver who was waiting for us at the baggage claim area and helped us with our luggage. Lovely car. As we had never been to Perth before the driver provided us some interesting info on the drive to our accommodation. Would highly recommend this service which made getting to our accommodation so effortless.

Mrs Lorraine Giraudo

(travelled in 5 July & 3 August 2017)

I just cannot recommend Infiniti Charters highly enough. The most courteous and knowledgeable drivers, and their fleet is truly impressive. Really, if you want the best, there is just no alternative. 

Ron and Wendy Ford 

(travelled in December 2016) 

Excellent service, driver was very informative and friendly, very comfortable car.

Kim Testa 

(travelled in December 2016) 

Great service. I would thoroughly recommend.

Kevin Stolarick 

(travelled in December 2016) 

Nice job. On time. comfortable car. great driver.


(travelled in November 2016) 

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the kind gentleman who looked after me the day I arrived to the day I left. He went out of his way and his duty to transport me and see me to the door of my hotel room. This was highly appreciated by me as I came down to Perth to celebrate my 85th birthday. Please tell this gentleman, I'm so sorry I'm bad with names, I forgot his name, but I never forget a face, that I prayed for him that God blesses him double fold and may he always be a blessings to us elder folks with the important job that he does. I tell you that for someone my age arriving and leaving at these horrendous hours need someone like this kind gentleman to greet and farewell us ensuring safety and smooth sailing in our goings and comings like family. Bless you and thank you so much. May you be richly blessed and merry Xmas and a prosperous New Year. Heather Brown, Spring wood, NSW

Geoff CRAMP 

(travelled in November 2016) 

Our driver Robert was excellent, on time, courteous, well informed. I would definitely recommend this service again.

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